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Holiday Activity Day + 12-16 YEAR OLDS

Holiday Activity Day + 12-16 YEAR OLDS

Based on our ever popular Holiday Activity Days, we have created a new program suitable for those aged 12+. A full day outdoors with NO SCREENS - outdoor activities only!

Activity Days are for young people between the ages of 12-16 who are looking to explore some adventurous activities and get outside in the fresh air. Participate in four of our adventurous activities throughout the day, with a packed lunch included. Drop off from 8.45am ready to start activities at 9am, pick up at 5pm.

The activities are varied day to day and are not confirmed until the morning of each day as we wait to see: 1. What the weather is doing, 2. If we have any repeat visitors, 3. The age range and abilities of those booked on. So best to pack them clothes for all eventualities. We run in all weathers so no matter what they will be outside and active all day! We have no indoor activities, no arts/crafts, no screens - just outdoor adventures, all day. The aim is (roughly!) one high rope activity, one land activity, and two water activities - however we cannot stress enough that this is varied for the benefit of the participants.

Participants must be able to remove all jewellery and earrings in order to participate in roped activities.

Please note; There is only one group for the 12-16 year old age bracket and so everyone booked onto the same date and course will be in the same group. These days are not appropriate for Birthday Parties or private groups and must not be booked as such. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Please be aware that these days may not be appropriate for all of those with additional needs, and young people who attend must be in mainstream school without additional support. If your young person has additional needs, please get in touch with us directly so that we can work together to find a day suitable for them. Most activities can be adapted for those with physical additional needs, but this does need to planned in advance so please get in touch before booking.

If you would like to book using childcare vouchers, please email all your details to reception@longridge.org.uk as sadly the childcare voucher system is too complicated for our online bookings system to manage at this time. Please do not book online as we will not be able to refund and swap to childcare vouchers. Childcare voucher bookings need to be made well in advance, as the childcare voucher providers do not send payment immediately - it can often take up to a week (sometimes more, for certain providers) for the payment to reach us and your booking to be made. We cannot accept any last minute childcare voucher bookings for this reason, apologies.